I’m Ann and I am geeky, polyam, queer and a huffleclaw. I love: Front-End-Developement, Console Hacking, Books and Tattoos. I am not: yours.

I sometimes go by the pen name Rachel, as it’s an Life is Strange reference, though I sometimes am able to relate to Maxine Caulfield as well.

This blog was created in 2009 to share things about books, writing, poetry, the NaNoWriMo, about being a geeky polyamorous girl and about software developement with folx on the internet.

I blogged a lot about my experiences at high school at first, eventually stopped blogging for a while having had a serious depressive episode after graduating for three years and since I’ve recovered from that, I’ll do my best to keep this blog updated about things I care about.

Mail: ann@minzschokola.de

Please contact me via mail first, I probably won’t reply otherwise.

Phone: +31 6 21 34 82 68