Four years ago some of my poetry got published, and eventually I stopped writing for a few years. Poetry always was and still is a huge part of my life and I don’t want to just read it anymore, but write poetry for myself again.

Forever, not yours. (27th of August 2018)

my inner inconsistency,

striving against the stream,
craving for the first sunbeam,

touching my head, touching my mind,

i don’t need you, I never did,
i wanted you, though I’d never admit,

but do I truly wanted you, or only your time?

i’m a planet orbiting my headspaces sun,
an infinite story, but has it began?

forever, not yours.

Pixelheartlines (4th of January 2018)

beauty spaces, worn out phrases,
mindful mindlessness,
call it a beginning, call it a start,
poetry floating around our trans soul rebel hearts.