I have been using Ubuntu for quite some month now, since I stopped playing video games recently which opened the door to finally making myself switch to the unix side of computing. Though I really love messing around with awesome things like the apt package-manager and learning a lot of new stuff about my computer, I dislike not being able to use the graphic design programs I am used to use on my machines, so I decided to give hackintoshes a shot!

I currently use two machines, an EEE-PC 1015px and my old desktop computer (core 2 duo e6600, some gigabyte mainboard, 4Gig RAM and a 1TB HDD), as my daily driver.

Both are running on Snow Leopard after hours of messing around getting (nearly) everything to work. There’s a tutorial for the EEE PC 1015px available at some hackintosh forum.

One of my next projects will probably be to fit my EEE PC into a iMac G5 case, I got as a present for helping out my school in terms of tech, probably using an old 17” laptop display as a monitor, since I’ll probably go ThinkPad or MacBook Air soon (when I decide if I rather want to use one device for everything since the ThinkPad has nice docking possibilities, or if I rather want to go full macintosh having a lightweight and portable device beside my clunky desktop).