I wrote a web frontend for a better device management in our schools radius network, displaying the connected clients as a table and showing some interesting stats like the vendor ID or the total online time.

Our current network set-up exists since 2009 and I applied some filters to figure out what vendors are popular when it comes to mobile devices at my school.

In a timespan starting of June 2009 until today (11th of November 2012), that are the vendors being used by the students at my school:

  • 52% Apple
  • 16% Samsung
  • 11% Others
  • 9% HTC
  • 6% Sony
  • 3% Nokia
  • 2% LG
  • 1% Huawei
  • 1% Motorola

Every second device is made by Apple?

This numbers in mind I came to the question why Apple had such an dominance in terms of share. I figured out that a lot of students own android phones on one hand, but things like iPod Touches or iPads on the other, and I haven’t found a method excluding non-smartphone mobile devices like the iPod from our statistics, and there isn’t something comparable made by other vendors.

And what about Laptops?

It is a lot harder to create stats about laptops, but as of Fall the lead will probably go to Lenovos ThinkPad x131e, because we ordered like tons of them to give them to students as in-class devices, questioning our BYOD concept in terms of education, since that’s always a financial bottleneck for so many students.