I wrote about how I was unsure about going either ThinkPad or Macbook at this time of the year last year, having played around with a Thinkpad x220 and a late 2012 MacBook Air, I decided to go for the latter, since I don’t really need a docking port, when Thunderbolt and Bluetooth is enough to connect my device to my workstation set-up.

Another perk of now having a Macbook is, that it made my Hackintosh projects a lot easier, being able to use all the fancy GUI tools provided by hackintosh developers, to create things like boot sticks and so on.

Anyways, I just wanted to share, that I fell in love with it’s Webcam and the Photobooth.app, since it reminds me of those physical photobooth throwing out tiny polaroids, and it’s just soo much fun taking awkward selfies with it.

Another heartwarming thing is, that I’m now able to skype with friends, and falling asleep next to them durin late night talks.