Most of my friends & acquaintances already know about this, but I just wanted to update all of you regarding some recent changes concerning my pronouns. I am aware that some of you may need some time to adapt to these changes, but since we’re living in a digital bubble where usernames change sorta often, I’m sure that it’ll work out as fast as I wish it’ll work out.

I am a non-binary girl and my prouns are she/her. It feels so good writing this out loud.

I came out earlier this year to my friends in a geeky way sending them a terminal screenshot where I usermodded me into my real name & added myself to the groups trans, girl and enby, but I knew about this for soo long already, even in the seventh grade, but haven’t found the right terms to describe what I was feeling back then, since I haven’t got access to resources about all things trans, non-binary and queer.

If you have questions about this, need a listen or support yourself, I’m always happy to listen and you’re always welcome to ask!