I’ve been using my ThinkPad T440s for some weeks now and I’m about to say that I’m really satisfied by this set-up, since I sided with 12 gig ram, upgraded the SSD and played around with its FHD touch display for a while, but got recently annoyed by the circumstance, that it doesn’t have the 3-Button-Clickpad layout I’m familiar with, but some virtual button clickpad like MacBooks have, but implemented way worse than on the Apple side of the tech spectrum.

If it’s just for the Touchpad itself, which is really unaccurate to use, I wouldn’t even bother replacing it but just disable its function in the BIOS like I always do, but sadly the upper three buttons being ment for TrackPoint use are affected as well, so I grabbed a used t450 Touchpad on eBay and started messing around with my laptop as soon as it has arrived. Please remember to disable the internal battery in its BIOS since you probably don’t want to open your ThinkPad when it’s still powered.

There’s a Hardware Maintenance Manual available at the manufacturers homepage describing how you can remove the annoying Clickpad and instead of replacing it with yet another t440s one, you can safely insert a t450 pad.

Update December: Since I disliked the newish keyboard as well, I sided with a t430s laptop and changed its keyboard with the t420 classic and more convenient one, now I’m tinkering around if it’s possible to actually replace the t430 screen with a FHD one since its 1366x768 resolution is sorta 2008-ish and I don’t really want to use that. If I have the spoons for this, I’ll keep you updated!