I procrastinated during my literary and cultural studies lecture for a while and came up with some awesomely awkward unpopular Macbeth fanfiction ideas, I hope some of you will enjoy.

Breaking Macbad:

  • Like Macbeth but one of the highly unlikeable characters is replaced by Walter White.


  • A Fanfiction about three witches being BFFs doing crazy magic stuff together.


  • Like Macbeth but about a mint company instead of a kingdom.


  • Like Macbeth but every dialogue should be read in some sassy voice.


  • Basically Macbeth without Macbeth.


  • Telling the story from its end, everybody is actually dead and in the last chapter we’re seeing some confused Macbeth guy talking to witches, going back to normal afterwards.


  • Most of the dialogues may happen in actual bathtubs and the king is later on killed in a pool. A “hey I got this pool but used it the first time today and now I’m dying gatsbyish” kind of pool.