Since I haven’t found a decent content/trigger notification plugin out there for major browsers, I started writing down some thoughts about what a content notification plugin should do, how it should behave, and what the most efficient way is to develop such a plugin for web-browsers. Whether if one is triggered by traumatic words or names, or one just wants to get sure that they’ll don’t get spoilered about their favorite video games or series, a trigger/content notification plugin may be handy in achieving so, making the everyday web use a more safe and healthy experience. In the following notes I’ll try to narrow down what I would suggest in terms of technical implementation of such warnings, and what features I wish that I’m able to code soon.

Technical Aspects:

  • We need arrays:
    • List of triggering tags and words should be defined first, to add them into (multiple) arrays.
    • Another array should be defined including parent nodes which should be overlayed/hidden (it isn’t sufficient to hide the word itself, since a given context can also be triggering), e.g. p, b, div et cetera.
  • And some JavaScript magic probably:
    • The DOM should be scanned recursively for words contained in the first mentioned arrays.
    • If a word on a page matches the first array the plugins compares the second array to the parentNodes element and if it’s in the array overlays it with the help of some CSS3 magic.
  • What the overlay should contain:
    • The name of category containing the triggering word, so one knows why it is hidden.
    • A “show” button to show the content ignoring the overlay.
  • Other things we may consider:
    • The possibility of grouping multiple words into a main category, e.g. “Chloe Price”, “Maxine Caulfield”, “Rachel Amber” as the category “Life is Strange (Spoiler Warning)” or “anxiety”, “panic attack”, “social anxiety disorder” as the category “Mental Health Words”.
    • The ability to hide and show certain tags easily.
    • Import/Export of .json lists containing predefined lists of content notifications/trigger warnings.

I already created a git repository where I’ll upload the source code once I’ve enough spoons to actually start developing this, you may find it here: annfables@github.