• Genre: poetry
  • 208 pages
  • 8.99 USD
  • published by Andrews McMeel Publishing (Reprint Edition in 2015)
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how I found this book

I walked into the Waterstones Amsterdam and had no particular book in mind, so I scrolled the huge shelves for interesting new books to read. I came across a young adult section they’ve called “Social Media”, which made me sceptical since I had all those horrible books about young YouTube boys in mind and all their sexism and horrible jokes, but got surprised, that the section entirely consists of poetry books, that’s how I picked up milk and honey.

where I read this book

I’ve spend two weeks in Amsterdam and read it mainly while spending time in the Vondelpark, a cat cafe and in between meeting folks I met on tumblr and OKC.

what is it about?

The book itself is devided into four different poetry collections,

  • the hurting
  • the loving
  • the breaking
  • the healing

each of these collections cover different aspects of coming of age, having to deal with abuse, experiences made as a survivor, confronting the reader with trauma experiences and body positivity issues as well.

The breaking and the healing are primarily covering kaurs recovery process, differentiating between needing and wanting to be in a relationship with someone, and what love means after all. The healing suggests that one has to know oneselve at first, before enterin a relationship with another person, which is so important!

for what situation is this a good read?

I read milk and honey shortly before going to through a break-up and shortly after the breakup happened, and it somehow helped me to cope with those experiences, eventually inspired me to start writing poetry myself again. I fell in love with rupi kaurs poetry as much as I did fell in love with amanda lovelace poetry collections, and all of them are close at my bedside ever since, for the case that I cannot sleep and need something to read. If you’re still struggling with things like self love, relationships, body positivity and am a survivor of abuse yourself, this may be a eye opening and good read. At least, that’s what I felt about diving into milk and honey.

do I recommend this book?

Generelly yes, but it shouldn’t be read in any situation since it covers many topics I would write content warnings for. It wasn’t an easy read for me after all and I needed quite a lot emotional processing after reading each collection and sometimes even in between two following pages. So, if you’re currently not emotionally stable enough nor have the capacity to deal with possibly triggering topics, you may want to consider coming back to this one at some later point in your life, otherwise go ahead! (this is a totally individual thing though, and for some folks it may be even helpful reading about traumatic things they’ve expierenced theirselves to cope better. You know yourself the best, and if you feel like reading about said things is something which may help, feel free, give it a go!)