I’m that kind of a person who loves barcamps & I am that kind of a person who really loves books, and those two awesome things in my life combined equal a LitCamp.

If you don’t know what a Barcamp is, I’ll give you a brief summary in the following, since a Barcamp has nothing to do with drinking in Bars or metric units of pressure nor with camping somewhere in the wild in particular. Barcamps are self-organized community-driven (anti-)conferences, where every session, not being planned beforehand but at the conference itself in session planning sessions each and every morning, is being provided by participants itself. It is encouraged that everyone gives a session and that everyone contributes to the camp not only by attending but by giving sessions theirselves.

The LitCamp Heidelberg took place from the 16h to the 17th of June and it was such a pleasure attending & seeing all the fellow awesome booky nerds.

Hereinafter I’ll share some bullet points about what I did at the LitCamp and why I loved it soo much.

What Sessions have I planned?

  • Q&A about BDSM
  • Feminist introduction to linguistics

Why I haven’t held my session about linguistics:

  • common cold

What Sessions have I attended?

  • Mental Health/Depression
  • Emotional Abuse as a Love Trope
  • Representation of Marginalized Groups in Literature
  • Polyam Session
  • BDSM Q&A
  • Website Security

the most important thing I’ve learned:

  • to be more open about my own experiences

what I miss right now:

  • fav enby
  • fav ravenclaw
  • fav booknerd(y)
  • consensually kissing and hugging all of you

what I need right now:

  • more sleep