It’s been a month since I published my last blog post on here and that’s because I haven’t got the spoons of managing moving places, getting into a new job, maintaining social relationships and writing blog posts at the same time. Though I would love actually getting to publish more, write more fiction and blogposts, I stayed silent for such a long time, mainly because I most of the time had ideas about what to write, but not the spoons for being able to write down even a single one of my ideas. What actually helped was taking a weekend of & as of now, having spend a weekend in between me-time (as in staying inside and complaining about all the heat!), attending queer prides and diving into some nuances of JavaScript, I finally feel that I have the spoons to produce content again! I’m currently doodling around thinking of creating (yet another totally original) web comic about lesbian geekdom and mental health, looking forward to this years NaNoWriMo (yeah, that month where none of us has a social life like pretty much the rest of the year is any different at all), and hope that I’ll finally publish my first queer young adult fiction book in 2019 (I should be writing, shouldn’t I?).