So I went to the Gamescom this year for the first time in Cologne, since the very first time I attended the Gamescom it was still called Games Convention and took place in Leipzig, at the same place of last years Congress and the Leipzig book fair. I’m still really sleepy having spend two days at the convention, so I will probably kick-start another article in a few days, but here are some bullets on the things I enjoyed and about what I disliked at least:

I enjoyed:

  • Life is Strange 2
    • I’m really hyped for Life is Strange 2 being released, because I am soo in love with the entire fandom and think, that Dontnod Entertainment will do great in terms of character design, music and especially when it comes to the plot! Gosh, I’m pretty hyped!

I disliked:

  • The dudebroish gaming culture, like seriously, I felt excluded from the very beginning on as a woman and felt like that the gaming industry as well as the people who’re organising the congress as well as those who’re attending in a majority only care about men as a target group for gaming.
    • The only woman in the official gamescom magazine during the visitor interviews didn’t even had the chance to say a word because her boyfriend did all the talking in the magazine text, like c’mon, we, girls who love gaming, exist and we clearly do not need any validation of douchy creepy gaming dudes to be part of a community we build from the very beginning on as well.
    • That the only official t-shirt showing a female protagonist was about how she was said that her boyfriend doesn’t game (like, lesbian gamers exist dear gamescom).

What I wish:

  • Feeling kinda fascinated by games and disgusted by the sexism at once, I wish that there was a barcampish event about games, where especially woman, non-binary folks, people with disabilities and people of color and queer kids can discuss all things gaming without having to fear for their own safety.
  • The Gamescom seemed to be about having to wait a long time for playing games as a visitor, and being peppered with paper press information one could also find on publishers websites behind the scenes. I would love having a convention where panels and discussing games matter more than just playing games a few month earlier before release.
  • More woman attending gaming events and us being seen as a part of the community, not only numberwise. We should definitely smash that glass ceiling as well!

On a side note:

  • I stayed at the BaseCamp in Bonn for a night and really loved the cozy concept of that hostel, since their bedrooms are caravans and those night sleepers some railway companies once had!