Since I’m a writer as well as a developer in frontend, I tend to have really strong opionions about the keyboards I use, since I do have to do most of my work via keyboard and I barely need the mouse for anything else than gaming and web browsing. In terms of keyboards, my preferences are quite easy to list:

  1. Apple A1243 wired keyboard (Int. Layout)
  2. Anne Pro Black with brown or blue switches

TrackPoint is bae

But when it comes to pointing devices the mess begins. On Laptops I strongly prefer using either the ThinkPad Trackpoint or a MacBook Pro Touchpad, I’ve tried so many other things but none of them worked as fine for as those two input devices do. With the exception of a MacBook Touchpad, Touchpads are the worst for me, I dislike how they behave, how scrolling works, like everything, how unprecise they are and I probably could go on ranting about this for days.

Since I bought a dock again, I am able to use my ThinkPad like a desktop, and so the journey to the best input device for desktops begins.

Why I won’t talk about Gaming

The requirements for gaming in terms of pointing devices are really different than they are for fitting into my workflow as a developer, to keep this short: I love using either a Steelseries Sensei RAW or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for gaming depending on what game I play. They’re perfectly fitting my needs.

Spending an afternoon at a electronics store

Usually I’m more of a ~order all the stuff online type of a person~, but I wanted to at least try out a device I’m probably going to use for a long time, so I went to a electronics store and started to play around with the pointing devices they showcased. I tried the following:

  1. Apple Magic Trackpad
  2. Steelseries Rival 110
  3. Microsoft Arc Mouse
  4. Logitech B100

and picked up the Logitech B100 for like five bucks.

Why I prefer a cheap office mouse to more fancy stuff?

Keeping this short as well: I don’t need anything more than a wired 3 button mouse. I don’t really need bluetooth since I don’t see any benefit in using it. I don’t need extra buttons because I’ll map shortcuts to my keyboard anyways since my hands are always on it and I have to move to do things with the mouse) and the only times I use a mouse are during web browsing when clicking assorted arrays of links and during gaming (something I won’t do on the machine I searched a pointing device for). So instead of going with a five times more expensive mouse, I tried to find an office pointing device which feels okayish to use and here we are (I may have saved quite a lot of money as well).