I went to Blåvand with friends this weekend and it feels kind of relieving and weird at the same time. Relieving, because the sea and solitude is giving me so much live and such a piece of mind that I am finally writing again and the ice desert of feeling either too depressed or too distant to write has melted down, so the nice mountain shaped full of plot holes and a beautiful diversity of idea became visible again. Weird because I grew up at a place which is pretty similar to Blåvand. A good friend of mine lived in a town which was exactly like Blåvand, more holiday flats than inhabitants, the north sea being only inches away, more rainy than sunny days, and a calm but well-known solitude.

It’s so cozy and autumn-ish that I already started loosing my track of time, but maybe that’s a good thing as well, since Berlin’s always busy and exciting.

So here’s what I’ll probably do while staying here:

  • prepare myself for the NaNoWriMo
  • start planing a remote D&D group with friends
  • hopefully write some poems again!