I always wanted to have a decent booktracker to track my reading habits in terms of genres, how much I read per month and at what time I do so, so I decided to at least plan some UX/UI things for such a project today and will probably start developing this as a CLI-Application during this weekend.

I wouldn’t have picked up this idea without having found a habit tracker made by @blinry, so kudos, without their project this one would probably have never existed at this time and some of my UX/UI and usability components may also be influenced by their take on tracking habits.

my design approach

managing books

  • adding books
    • bookish add 'title of the book' 'author' 'genre' 'pages'
    • which will return UID {title} ({author}) has been created
  • deleting books
    • bookish del UID
    • which will return UID {title} ({author}) has been deleted
  • listing books
    • bookish ls
    • which will return a alphabetical list of all the books
    • it will be possibly to have the list returned sorted by author, genre, alphabetical, recent updates
  • linking books *bookish ln UID UID UID
    • this feature can be used to track the total times on things like trilogys

reading books

  • updating pagecount and readingtime
    • bookish update UID 70p 2h30m
    • which will return tracked {readingTime} and {pageNumber} for UID ({title} by {author}
  • if you made a mistake while updating
    • bookish update UID -10p -1h20m
    • which will return tracked {readingTime} and {pageNumber} for UID ({title} by {author}

statistics and reading habits

  • showing timelines
  • showing genres over time
  • showing pages per day
  • git tree but for books!


  • setting goals
    • bookish goal monthly 800p
    • returns a monthly goal of {pageNumber} is set
    • or bookish goal yearly 500h30m
    • returns a yearly goal of {readingTime} is set
    • and bookish goal daily 20p 45m
    • returns a daily goal of {pageNumber} and {readingTime} is set

possible features in a near future


  • I’m a CLI lesbian because I don’t like GUIs, but some other folx may do, so it would be nice to apply some GTK-Magic and craft a decent frontend for bookish

adding custom tracking values

  • the core functionality of bookish is to track books, genres and reading time, but what if you want to know how many non-male authors you’ve read in a month? Custom tracking values may help you on this one!

adding comments to books

  • you want to add side note to a book? You want to store who hoards all the books you’ve lend to someone else? There may be some cases where comments may fit into the minimimalist approach of this booktracking app, so let’s do this… later.

when will I upload it?

Probably during the next weekend!