Long story short I sent in my MacBook to Apple Care again recently, experiencing some major display issues, so that leaves me with having to use my spare laptop, a somewhat 2013-ish ThinkPad x230 and while I generally like that machine, I’ll probably have to upgrade the screen to somewhat FHD/2k (probably 13.3 inch having to cut the bezel as well) and upgrade the keyboard with a x220 one in the near future since a 1366x768px display isn’t usable anymore in 2018. I’ll talk about this as soon as my components have arrived.

So here’s my current spare laptops set-up in terms of graphical things:

  • lubuntu (I wanted to use arch but haven’t had the time to do a full imstall yet)
    • lxde & i3wm
      • which is quite easy to achieve since I just had to replace openbox with i3wm
    • i3lock-fancy as a lockscreeen
      • give me all the blur!

about the headcanon itself

Sometimes I fancy both, one on hand an amazing (because it’s i3wm and writing awesome would feel weird) tiling window manager, a lightweight start-menu and some GUI setting tools on the other. So I came up with combining lxde and i3wm in the end, and as far as I can say after having used that set-up for a day, I would definitely recommend using it!