Since I felt overwhelmed and anxious by my workload during the last weeks I decided to do a short trip to Paris on my own. I literally booked the flight, left my work on time on my last day before vacation, boarded a plane and arrived at Paris two hours later. It was one of the most calming and self-careish things to do, to travel on my own and not having to care about my Spoons, because usually, I feel way more exhausted after going on vacation leave then I do before, which is, mostly, because I’m introvert and wallflowerish af and not really a peoples girl.

leaving my laptop at home

Anyways, being on my own in Paris was the reassurance I needed to not feel that exhausted and detached anymore. On top of that I also choose to leave my Laptop at home, because, recently I started to do more and more things on my iPad; since it’s easier to carry around in my handbag.

Also I wanted to make sure, that I won’t spend time programming while in Paris, because I really needed to take a break from that as well.

art lesbian

So beside looking at random Gates & Towers, which, by far, seems to be a common acitivity in most of the places I went the last years, I looked at art, did some lesbian things like gaywalking (there was this red traffic light in Paris major gaybourhood and it’s crosswalk had rainbow colors on it; I just couldn’t resist living that meme out loud!)

By far, the Louvre was the most amazing experience of the entire trip, since, I don’t really know where to start, it was sooo amazingly oberwhelming, all of it. Well, except the Mona Lisa, that one is still the most overhyped work of art in the entire art history and was so underwhelming in comparison to all the other artworks at the Louvre.

Meta Lisa

But others than that, we should definitely have a website where people can upload their awful phone camera pictures of classic and modern art and that website color and brightness sorts those pictures trying to reassemble the original work of art with said photographies.

Berlin & Parisn’t

As soon as you folx are able to read this, I’ll probably be back in Berlin thirsting for Club Mate, because there’s no such thing as Mate in most of the french super markets, having a nap, since I’ll probably be on my way to Karlsruhe as of tomorrow morning.

I’ll definetely have to visit Paris again soon, hopefully thst time accompanied by some of the previous amazing human beings I love (is looking at her polycule).