After having spent most of 2018 working in my first post-uni Job at Port Zero as a Software and System Engineer, I eventually had my exit talk a few days ago aiming for a new position somewhere else in 2019.

A month ago I blogged about how I felt burned out and tired being involved in two major project having had a hard time keeping up with them, despite working overtime, and what I’ve learned in those stressful days, so last month I tried to fix and evaluate if I’m able to at least fix certain problems I was having or if I should be honest to myself, that I may not be the type of person who enjoys consulting work that much.

./make lists

So I went to Paris, left my Laptop at home, and did a recap and a simple pro/con list if I am still seeing me in my current position, since I considered making such a list as helpful, I’m going to share it on here.


  • I really love it to use my entire skillset since I’m involved in Software Engineering, System Engineering and Fullstack Web projects as well as DevOps the same time.
  • The variety of projects is appealing.
  • I love working in a nerdy and skilled environment and am amazingly happy being a part of an awesome team.


  • I have a hard time doing so many context and programming language switches a day
  • I dislike that it seems like there’s no real longterm project only short-term ones with a rather short lifespan
  • I did most of my projects alone most of the time, but would love working more closely with co-workers
  • Having to do the entire client-management myself seems to be way too time-consuming, I’m here to write Software

Having more points on the con side than on the pro I decided that it would best to schedule a talk, but eventually I gave it a few more days; so I had my exit talk two days ago.

What I learned about myself?

One of the best things about my former workplace is, that I have found out where I want to go in terms of what focus I’m going to have in the industry. As of now I fancy the following fields:

  • System Engineering (Rust)
  • DevOps (Python)
  • Fullstack Web (React.js, Golang)

Bonus points if my new position will include some InfoSec things as well.

But the most important thing is, that I finally have enough confidence to say, that I’m not only a good Frontend developer, but a good System Engineer and DevOps as well, and speaking of Web, I’m walking on the wild Fullstack side as well and I love it.

Developers, Developers, Developers

Since the December is full of Chaos Communication Congress and Litcamp Berlin things, I will dive into job hunting adventures as of January, probably taking half of the month of doing self-carish things and refocussing myself on what I wish to achieve in 2019.

I already skimmed a few job hunting pages and decided that I’ll take as much time as I need to find something suitable for me, since I won’t lower my standards on workplaces as that is a crucial thing for my mental health.

Basically I’m setting my sails for a:

  • queer friendly
  • part-time friendly
  • remote work friendly

company, mainly avoiding:

  • most of the start-ups where you trade in your work-life-balance for free beverages
  • outdated middle class economy companies developing horrible middle class economy solutions on EoL tech stacks
  • consulting work, since that’s simply not my tea

Post Zero

Working at Port Zero really helped me arriving, and getting used to live, in Berlin and in a post-uni world. The year is almost over and as of now I couldn’t be happier, having found an amazing flatmate (s/o to @bourryto), feeling comfortable in my own room, spending most of my days with people I love (you all are amazing) and my mental health seems in a better place as well. I am thankful having had the opportunity to work with amazing people at my former company.

And as the year ends, I am quite hyped what good things 2019 will bring, since I finally got up my feet and arrived in the world of work, I no longer have to plan and think entirely from scratch, one could say, that I finally made it post zero.