So, I (and some people in my polycule) spontaneously decided to organize a Relationship Anarchy session at the #35c3 and it’ll take place at Day 1 from 15:00 to 17:00 (Seminar Room 14-15). Today I felt like writing a brief introduction to the session itself, about what Relationship Anarchy is all about, and link a few resources so people who aren’t familiar with that are able to do their own research.

What is relationship anarchy?

Relationship Anarchy basically means that relationships should rather be based on consent and what people in those relationships mutually agree upon, than on societal expectations, norms and sociocultural expectations linked to different forms of relationships. It means, that there is no formal distinction between different relationships itself, as in romantic relationships, ‘just friends’ and so on. That may coin Relationship Anarchy different to polyamory for some, though people considering themselves as relationship anarchists as well as polyamorous, refering to some of their relationships as a polycule, are valid af. Relationship Anarchy is about looking at each relationship individually and differently.

Who is the meet-up adressing?

People from all gender, romantic and sexual orientation. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to relationship anarchy, if you’re unsure about if that’s your cup of tea, if you’re just curious and want to inform yourself, or if you already have experiences with it.

A word on intersectionality & why this matters

If you’re not Relationship Anarchist please be mindful, respectful and do not take up all the space for yourself. People will probably not only talk about their experiences with Relationship Anarchy but also about how that possibly intersects with experiences they made of being, e.g. queer, trans, non-binary, neurodivergent, Black, non-academic. Please be aware of what experiences you make yourself and what position you have in this society.

However, we, as a Gathering, will not tolerate any discriminating verbal comments or comments minimizing other people’s experiences.


Sure, here’s an assorted list with texts about Relationship Anarchy.

If a text worth sharing about relationship anarchy is missing, feel free to either contact me or create a Pull-Request to my blogs GitHub.