When I went on job hunting adventures in Dec. 2018, I decided to take a break from IT. I worked as a Software and System Engineer for quite some time then, and wanted to take a break from the industry to reassess my longterm goals and readjust my focus in 2019. I eventually joined Wikimedia Deutschland in early 2019 and worked as a part of their Event Team for about half a year. While I loved the workplace, had some of the most amazing colleagues (especially the folks of their in-house IT <3), I figured out that I wasn’t really happy doing a non-tech office job. Don’t get me wrong, not because I was not good at this, but because I felt like I could put my skills to a better use when I work on software and engineering projects.

Nearly every time I worked on a office task, I asked myself wether it would be possible to improve my workflow, wether by automate at least parts of it or restructure the processes themselves. I had a hard time leaving my software developers mindset and as time went by I started to do code reviews during lunchtime and after my work hours, furthermore I worked on FLOSS software whenever my tasks were done for a day and I still had time on the clock.

On Monday I left Wikimedia Deutschland.

Even though I planned to switch departments, having considered the in-house IT or the software development department, I decided to aim for another company rather than another position. The reasons for this are pretty simple ones, out of transparency I am going to share these on here:

  • I am a System and Software Engineer, who may be able to do things in support and system administration, though I don’t want to have that as a focus.
  • I am super knowledgable about react.js, ember.js as well as C and Golang. Wikimedia mainly works with a different stack.
  • I don’t want to have yet another web job, since I recently started to focus on system engineering.

In December I wrote that I wanted to have a job being:

  • Queer friendly
  • Part-time friendly
  • Remote work friendly

And I kind of feel like that I have to add, that it should be introvert friendly as well, as a part of the office job I did, I had to do a lot of semi-public communication things, and I felt weirdly out of place, since I don’t felt like I was the right person to be the face of something, even though I appreciate and support the core-values like open and free knowledge.

As of now I consider working in the following areas:

  • IT Security
  • Environmental Technology
  • Development of Programming Languages
  • Hardware Design

I want to thank the amazing colleagues and the precious team I’ve had at WMDE; I definitely learned a lot about myself and had an exciting time working there. Especially during the time of the EU Copyright Law legislation process. And I’m excitingly curious about what I will do next.